Moe Rubenzahl

I have nothing but praise for Guha. I have been in marketing for over 30 years and worked with very, very few people who are as capable.

He is a very strong marketing generalist and understands the fundamentals of almost all areas (breadth) and has deep, hands-on, tactical knowledge of many areas (depth). What he doesn’t know, he studies and learns very quickly. As an example, when the company implemented HubSpot marketing automation, the on-boarding implementation expert at HubSpot said no client he had worked with had ever ramped up as quickly. The marketing automation program Guha built was better than programs I worked with at multibillion-dollar companies.

Guha is absolutely dependable: If he says it will be done, it is done on time — but if there is a delay, he keeps people informed. He works with staff in six time zones and gets the job done. He works very well with people and manages difficult situations well. He is mature, even-tempered, and easy to work with. Guha thinks strategically. He is equally adept at strategic guidance or tactical execution. He takes ownership. He can be depended on to solve problems without anyone pointing them out or making a request. I was continually amazed at the things he picks up and just solves.

He loves business and is brilliant at making a business run better. He learns what he needs, he thinks strategically, and he operates to a roadmap with a clear progression in mind.