LinkedIn adds retargeting for Videos and Lead Gen forms

LinkedIn has announced new retargeting options for lead gen forms and video.

A staple for B2B advertisers, this announcement from LinkedIn will come as a relief. It has long been a challenge to re-engage with audiences that have previously engaged with lead gen forms and videos.

With this announcement, marketers will now be able to re-engage audiences who have previously filled out lead gen forms with a lookback window of between 30 and 365 days.

Video is clearly the next big thing for LinkedIn and this announcement comes as no surprise. This will keep people active and engaged on their platform.

The video retargeting ads can be setup to target people who have viewed 25%, 50%, 75% or 97% of your video again with a lookback window of between 30 and 365 days. With the volume of video content being generated and posted on LinkedIn, I would not be surprised to see this ad format being very popular.

You can get all the details on the two new formats on LinkedIn’s announcement here or if you want the specifics, you can head over to their documentation.

By Guha Bharadwaj

Marketing | B2B | B2C | Growth | Design Thinking | Music

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