Marketing doesn’t have to be hard

I help businesses with their marketing efforts from devising strategic plans through to implementing them for scalable and sustainable growth

What I Do

Fractional CMO

Need the expertise of a CMO but feel it’s too early for your organisation to hire one? Need a CMO’s expertise but find it too expensive to afford?

Being a fractional CMO allows me to extend my knowledge and experience to your team for the areas that you need help with. Whether its an end-to-end marketing strategy and plan or just to identify why one part of your marketing program isn’t working as well as the others, I can help.

Let’s have an exploratory conversation to find a way forward.

Marketing & Strategy Implementation

The best marketing and growth plans are only as good as their implementation.

Hitting all the marketing KPI’s and objectives while balancing the other business needs can get extremely challenging.

I help by crafting a purposeful tactical marketing plan aligned to company goals and objectives. What’s more, I can help you execute these plans by aligning your people, processes and outcomes.

Nothing is too big or too small.

Tactical Marketing

Marketing is always on. Whether its web, social, ads or even a flyer. Every marketer, every brand wants their voice heard. It’s everywhere, all the time.

Maybe you need a short-term marketing specialist for a time bound campaign. Or you a need a stop-gap person to cover a critical function while you hire a new resource. Or maybe you’ve just started out and have no idea where to begin with your marketing program.

I’ve built and scaled marketing programs for companies and keenly understand the challenges that come with it. I can help you build your marketing program too.

Ready to get started?

Building a Martech solution?

Are you building a product that is solving marketing pain points? If so, I’d love to help you by giving you a marketer’s perspective.

I’ve trialled, tested, demoed and used various tools across the marketing tech stack right from bare bone task management tools right through to multi-functional complex marketing automation systems, CDP’s to Ad platforms and a lot more. I’m always interested in learning how the next software product can help with marketing problems.

I’d love to be your next product evangelist and I’m sure you want your product to be the next big thing for marketers.

Marketing for the music industry

If you’re a musician, podcaster, radio show host, label owner, promoter, event manager, building music technology, or really anything else in the music industry, I can help with your marketing efforts. From branding, promotion channels, social media strategies, growth and more, I can apply my learnings and experiences of being a a musician and a marketing person to help your brand grow.

As a musician myself and as a part of this industry, I understand the challenges that we all face. I can help you work on a marketing plan to consistently deliver great experiences.